Welcome to Touchstone Whippets

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your time with us.  Our whippets are first and foremost treasured members of our family and household and show dogs second.

The goal of Touchstone is produce whippets that conform to the breed standard as to type, movement and temperament.  We are committed to providing both new and experienced Whippet owners with top quality, healthy, loving, loveable additions to their family, whether they are showdogs or companions.

Visitors are always welcome at Touchstone (by appointment please) and we encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you might have about our dogs or whippets in general.
We love to talk 'Whippets', and our dogs love to show everyone how wonderful (and wacky) whippets are!  They excel at encouraging people to fall in love with Whippets and they are 'kid tested' AND approved.


Our website is dedicated, with love, to our two wonderful foundation whippets - the two who made all this possible.

Cdn Ch Avalonia Blueberry Lemonade - "Summer"

Cdn Ch Avalonia Bondi At Touchstone - "Brody"

Because of the past, the future is looking good for Touchstone!

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