Candid Photos

Have a peek at our wonderful, wacky whippets, at home, being whippets!

Christmas is tiring!

It's MY Christmas bow

The kid's got me and I love it

Best friends from the beginning

I don't want the bow, I want the BONE

Gotta keep the kitty warm

Friends make good pillows

Uh oh - caught!

I wonder if they know they forgot us?

At this age even feet look big!

Baby Number 1

Baby Number 2

Baby Number 3

If you're sick, so are we!

Whispering sweet nothings

Daddy's girl

"Pillows" are good

Vacations are great!!!

What do you mean - get off?

Waiting for supper!

Is it time to go?

I thought it was MY bath water

Look what Santa left


I'll let you think you're winning

I am NOT sleeping

Me neither

Being nosy really isn't good!

What are we looking for?

I'll wash the kid

Snuggle buddies

My furry little friend.

See, I AM a good girl!